What do Spurs fans want to see at the new stadium?

With the new stadium now firmly taking shape on the land where the great White Hart Lane once stood, there are many different things to think about for season ticket holders and fans who will be looking to make the trip to our new ground when it hopefully opens next season.

I think it’s safe to say that the way West Ham handled their relocation and the various different difficulties they’ve had in the first year and a bit of moving has raised concerns and questions which have yet to be answered by the club. 

Interested in knowing what other fans’ concerns were, I went to Twitter to ask the following question;

twitter question

The response I got was way better than I expected – fans all over the world getting in touch to let me know their thoughts, with some more serious than others! Below are the best points/concerns raised;

Club getting seating correct. Lower PL & Shelf side mixed with fans who don’t want to stand wont work & will lead to issues like at W Ham.


 A PA system you can hear & understand without multiple echoes. Reliable free wi-fi

Big statue of Bill Nicholson out the front


 Those big ass intimidating banners like they have over at Dortmund or Legia

 Would love to see terraces eventually

Safe standing section for atmosphere

Cheaper tickets for fans who live outside London

Leg room. Worrying photos especially higher up.

The thing that works best at Dortmund is the organized singing,but the fans already voted they were against it.

A cockerel back on the roof

As you can see, a mixture of topics there which fans have raised with me regarding the new stadium. I was pleased to see that it’s not just me who has thought about the issue regarding replicating WHL’s atmosphere at the new ground – with the new single tier south stand – an idea which originated from Borussia Dortmund’s hugely impressive “Yellow Wall” – I would be very surprised if the club did not make an effort to ensure the majority of the matchday atmosphere was generated from this area of the stadium.

As well as the serious replies, I also got quite a few funny/unusual replies which I thought you’d like to see as well.


^^(I had a lot of people reply with this one)^^

to my left, to my right

Chick king

Wenger getting fired, spammers getting relegated, Conte’s wig being stolen (and subsequently molested) by a pigeon.

Gareth Bale

A Cockerel Crow just before the team comes out and when Spurs score a goal.

Massive cheese room?

Quadruple quilted toilet paper please.

A teleportation room. So I can come from Australia every week

A roasted peanut man coming round like the old days

As you can see – different people worry about different things. Imagine the meltdown if Levy decides against sticking a peanut man on the Shelf Side for our first game of the season?!

Thanks for the interraction. I’m @eastterrace00 if you’d like to get involved and send me your concerns/thoughts for the new stadium move next season.


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