Where do Tottenham rank in BBC’s “Price Of Football 2017” survey?

Every year, the BBC produce and release a “Price of Football” report. The purpose of the report is to accurately outline and detail how much each aspect of going to a Football match every weekend and season costs for the normal fan. From a season ticket to a cup of tea, everything is priced up and then put in to a table of what each club charge. It’s not just the Premier League teams they produce this report for either – every team right down to League Two in England and the Scottish League system are also covered.

How do Spurs come out when compared to other Premier League clubs’ matchdays for price, then?

Well, here’s the full Premier League “Price of Football” results.

price of football 2017 overall

And, to break it down even further, here are just Tottenham’s prices.

price of football spurs only 2017

As you can see, it doesn’t make for great reading if you’re a season ticket holder or if you are after getting a ticket for a one-off game. The club, who have relocated to Wembley Stadium for the 2017/18 Premier League season whilst their new development on the old White Hart Lane land is completed, are amongst the most expensive clubs in the League if you want to buy a season ticket or get a pie at half time on match day. With the opening of the new stadium now fast approaching, taking the attendance to a little over 61,000, it remains to be seen whether season and matchday costs will drop or rise. But, with a hefty loan repayment due every month to cover the cost of the new ground, corporate and matchday revenue will inevitibly hit all-time club highs. It has been well documented that Arsenal since the opening of the Emirates constantly rake in over £1m a game thanks to matchday revenue – a model which Spurs will undoubtedly have looked at when forcasting the finances over the next few years.


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