Harry Kane fires his way in to the Premier League history books with back-to-back hat tricks

Following his hat trick away to Burnley in a 3-0 win for Spurs a few days before Christmas, Harry Kane was eying up history as he and the rest of the side faced Southampton in the Premier League on Boxing Day at Wembley.

Should Harry score, then he would break Alan Shearer’s long-standing record of scoring 36 goals in a single calendar year in the Premier League – a feat in which legendary strikers such as Thierry Henry, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Sergio Aguero failed to beat.

Of course he scored.

Not only did he get just the one goal, which saw him make history, he smashed the record with another hat-trick during a 5-2 Tottenham win – making it back to back hat-tricks to make it 39 goals in 36 games in the Premier League in 2017 and 56 goals in all competitions – a return which was better than the legendary Lionel Messi’s goal return this year.

harry kane goalscoring record

We are seeing a player who is developing in to one of the most complete and prolific centre forwards seen anywhere in the UK and Europe.  He can finish any sort of chance, be it on his right or left foot and no angle puts him off – see the goal v Arsenal at White Hart Lane where he put it in the top corner from pretty much the by-line. He works tirelessly hard, as shown in the Southampton game when he was back inside his own penalty area helping the team out defensively when needed, then sprinting back up the other end to try and nick himself another goal 60 seconds later.

People say he doesn’t have pace, but watch him closely and you can see that the pace he does have – which is more than what people believe by the way – he uses intelligently to get in to positions to ensure he’s there for when the ball arrives. Whether that’s natural instinct or it’s been coached in to him Pochettino, I don’t know, but there’s been plenty of strikers who haven’t had pace throughout the years and have done just fine. I think he’ll be alright without it.

The main concern moving in to 2018 for Spurs fans is whether the club can hold on to their main man for the long term. Recent articles released on social media show Kane’s weekly earnings at around the £110,000 per week mark – the same as N’Golo Kante, Aaron Ramsey and Ashley Young, sitting 35th in the Premier League Pay stakes. With other leading Premier League strikers such as Lukaku (£250,000 p/w), Aguero & Ibrahimovic (both £220,000 p/w) and Alvaro Morata (£150,000 p/w) way higher than him in the table, the club need to wake up and pay him what he deserves, before someone else does. With the goal scoring record he possesses and the reputation he is making for himself, it won’t be long until the big offers come in. Will he force his way out? I don’t think he will, given the type of guy he comes across as in his interviews. However, money talks and he deserves to win things.

harry kane match ball

2018 may very well be the pivotal year in Harry Kane’s Tottenham Hotspur career.


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