Tottenham return to the UK following short training break in Barcelona

Following the club’s 4-0 win against Everton on Saturday evening in the Premier League, Mauricio Pochettino and the boys flew to Barcelona for a mid-season training camp this week in a bid to boost morale and togetherness inside the camp as the first team faces what will undoubtedly be a tough second half of the season.

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, who has been involved in previous Barcelona training camps, spoke highly of the trip, stating the togetherness and camaraderie within the squad will give the players a boost heading in to a crucial February.

Speaking to, Hugo said: 

“Like the last few years, it was a good experience for the togetherness in the group,” said club captain Hugo, reflecting on the trip.

“To see different things, to do different things together is so important. At the same time you stay together and that’s good too

“It’s an opportunity to know the new players better who arrived last summer because you share 24 hours with them. Like the last few seasons it’s a very good experience and now we start again to work.”

hugo barca trip


Boss Mauricio Pochettino also praised the camp, saying the “change in routine” following a relentless Christmas period which saw Spurs play 3 games in 5 days will be a huge help to the players heading in to the second half of the season.

Speaking to, Pochettino said;

“It’s fantastic to change the routine and always after a busy period in the Premier League and the FA Cup, the Christmas period, to try to change that routine is always important for the team.
“Barcelona is so close to London and with the weather we have here, to feel the warmth is important to lift everything, to breathe a little bit and we believe it’s good to create that atmosphere.

“Of course, the weather helps a lot. Being all together for the new players, for the staff, for everyone, it’s important.

“It’s true that we have amazing facilities (back in Enfield), but always to change the routine is important. It’s a moment and a break that helps for the rest of the season.”

Mauricio also pointed out that the excursion allows the players to work on team bonding as well as training.

“Yes, it’s both,” he added. “Both things are so important, to stay all together and then training too. That is the objective and that is how we look at that situation. I think it will be important for the team.”


See below for a variety of photographs taken from the Barcelona training camp, courtesy of

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