Talking Tottenham – Episode 2 – 26/07/17

Listen to episode two of my series “Talking Tottenham” – where instead of typing, I actually talk about what’s been happening inside the club.

As ever, all feedback, comments and listens are hugely appreciated and I am happy to receive advice as to how I can continue to improve as the season progresses!


Talking Tottenham – Episode One, 21/07/17

Listen to episode one of my new “Talking Tottenham” Audio series, which covers the latest news, transfers and more from Tottenham Hotspur FC.

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Who, What, Where? The Comprehensive end of season European Football Review 2016/2017

With the Spanish second division playoffs now complete, officially marking the end of the European Football season, I thought now would be a good time to round up what happened in every single European league this year. Plenty of twists, turns, shocks and sackings, everything you need to know is right here.

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Premier League transfer talk – 21 June

With the season now at an end and most of the players in Europe either in Dubai, Ibiza or somewhere in the USA, the papers and Twitter have been full of transfer rumours. Whilst most of them are laughed at immediately, some actually happen.

Here are the ones which have been most seen in the media over the last couple of weeks; Continue reading “Premier League transfer talk – 21 June”

Who’s the greatest Premier League centre half of all time?

As Manchester United confirmed the £31m signing of Benfica’s Swedish centre half Victor Lindelof this week, I saw an interesting question asked by one of the MUFC fan accounts on Twitter (which I am seeing more and more of in the last year or so):

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